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best steam cleaner - steam cleaner reviews
Are you looking for a steam cleaner? As the owner of a cleaning company, I figured this blog might be worth your while in helping you to learn more about steam cleaners. After reading from my compilation of both my experiences and my customer’s remarks, you will be able to choose the best steam cleaner for floors, tile, carpet, and even the car! So, take your time to browse around my steam cleaner reviews. Happy reading!

Best Steam Cleaner Reviews

I’ve written many steam cleaner reviews for the top rated models. Check out my top picks for steam cleaners in their respective categories:

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How to Pick the Best Steam Cleaner

Steam cleaners are machines which clean surfaces with hot water by killing allergens, bacteria and fungus. They can be used for surfaces which are heat resistant, either commercially or at home.

When looking for the right steam cleaner, first decide:

  1. which type of steam cleaner you need; and
  2. what features you would like your steam cleaner to have.

Types of Steam Cleaners

  1. Traditional Steam Cleaner (Humid but Cool)  - This type of steam cleaner can generate steam without boiling water. The warm water is spread on the dirty surface while the revolving brushes scrub the surface before the dirty water is collected into a container.
  2. Vapor Steam Cleaner (Dry but Hot) - This type boils water creating a dry steam. The steam looses the dirt and stains on the dirty surface through the hose and nozzle. Then, the vacuum cleaner cleans up the surface.
  3. Carpet Steam Cleaners – Very popular because they can clean the carpets without much dampness afterward. Even though carpets absorb water easily, vapor carpet steam cleaner leaves very little moisture on the surface, meaning the carpet can be dry in no time!
  4. Handheld Steam Cleaners (Portable) – Smaller and easier to carry around. Naturally, they will be less powerful than your regular steam cleaner but the portable steam cleaner is great for those on a budget and/or for those who only look to perform smaller jobs on smaller areas.

Not sure which type is the best steam cleaner for you? Read more about the Types of Steam Cleaners here.

Features in a Steam Cleaner

Some important features of a steam cleaner that you might want to look into before deciding on which the best steam cleaner for you is!

Cheaper steam cleaners do not have a trigger. Instead, they are always on. Preferably, there should be an ‘on demand’ trigger because this allows the steam to be turned on and off as needed. In return, you save the amount of water and steam pressure needed!

Boiling Time
Steam cleaners need approximately 5 to 15 minutes to boil the water before it can be used. Caution: we find that a shorter time may mean that it has a smaller water capacity!

Cooling-off Period
We tried refilling the boiler tank when it had not cooled down yet and boy, were we in for a major disaster! Majority of steam cleaners need time to cool down before you can open the boiler tank for refilling. So, for safety, DO NOT RUSH to refill! However, a good steam cleaner would have two water tanks. You can then refill water any time without having that delay.

Water Level Gauge
While this feature is useful, it is not really necessary. Some customers told us that this may not be a very important factor when considering which steam cleaner to buy unless they are having a hard time deciding between two just-as-good models!

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My Reviews & Top Picks

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Picking a steam cleaner highly depends on your perspective. What we usually tell our customers is: Be realistic with your expectations.

The steam cleaner may be a fantastic help but it is not magic. While steam cleaners are powerful equipment, some customers reported to us that certain long-standing stains (years of accumulation) may still need some scrubbing. Some work place may also require a higher quality commercial type of steam cleaner which may be way over the budget of homeowners!

Having said that, high steam pressure steam cleaner ensures easy cleaning all the way. After all, who doesn’t want value for money?

Do I Need a Steam Cleaner?

A common question that customers pose to me would be, why would I choose a steam cleaner when I can use traditional methods, such as vacuuming?

So, here’s why steam cleaner is becoming very popular in the market:

  • Affordable
  • More Effective
  • Safer/ Less Chemicals
  • No Smell
  • Versatility

And there are plenty of things you can clean with a steam cleaner:

  • bathroom and kitchen tiles and grout
  • sink
  • toilet bowl
  • bathtub
  • aluminum window frames
  • pet beds
  • floor mats/carpets
  • car upholstery

…and many more!

So, whether you are a homemaker or your own boss, if you would like a home/work area that is clean, bacteria free and safe for everyone to live and work in, steam cleaner is the way to go, so get your best steam cleaner now!

Steam Cleaner Brands

I hope these steam cleaners tips and reviews have helped you in choosing your best steam cleaner. If you would like to find out more, do read up on various models in my blog.

Happy cleaning with the steam cleaner!